Friday, July 26, 2013

The Art of Education Update and Invitation

A few months back, I began writing a new blog for my educational advising service, Thrivapy. That blog, The Thrivapy Blog, has developed a similar tone and message to the articles I shared here on The Art of Education.

Initially, I struggled with what to do with The Art of Education and have tried to find a place for updating this blog in my schedule. What I have found is that I cannot with the regularity that I expect from myself. In other words, my work here on The Art of Education cannot meet my minimum standard of expectations.

Therefore, I want to announce that I am taking a break from The Art of Education for an undecided amount of time. This will allow me to focus more on my full time work as a Head of Middle School, write for The Thrivapy Blog, work on my next book, and serve the limited number of clients I have for Thrivapy.

Oh yes, and be a father and husband!

I am NOT deleting this blog. I believe it contains a valuable record of my work and a number of useful resources for students, parents, and teachers. As a matter of fact, I intend to republish my more popular articles from The Art of Education on The Thrivapy Blog.

I want to thank all of you who visit The Art of Education and invite you to join me at The Thrivapy Blog.

Now, back to work....
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