Friday, March 8, 2013

Can Your Students Name The Members Of Their Learning Team?

 If you haven't done so recently (or ever), it may be a good use of time to ask your students about their learning team.

Learning team?

Yes, you know; the people who are tasked with supporting, guiding, directing, and inspiring them.

Oh, Dr. Roddy, you mean their teachers?

Yes and no.

Certainly, a student's teachers are an important part of the learning team, but they do not make up the entire group.

Here are some other possibilities to consider.
  • parents and/or other family members
  • the principal
  • counselors
  • coaches
  • academic advisers
  • former teachers with whom the student stays in touch
  • tutors
  • friends
Ask a student to name the people that are tasked with helping them and see how many they can name.  Do you see a potential relationship between success in school and the number/diversity of students' learning team members?  
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