Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Options For Schools That Care

There are two basic methods to demonstrate your school cares about students.  Schools do both, but your school’s “story” probably leans towards one of these two areas more than the other.

The first way schools can show they care is to offer a breadth and depth of programs to make sure every student is being given the program they need to be satisfied and successful.  In other words, programs are added to fill voids in operations that become apparent.  The mindset behind this method is, “more is better.”  This is what we ask students to do.

This strategy can work, if you are able to support additional programs without creating a new challenge - which can be that the addition of programs changes who you are and whether or not you can support more and maintain an acceptable level of delivery on those programs.  More is only better if more is delivered better and the more more clearly defines who you are.  

The second way is through nurturing relationships and making the connections necessary for students to be satisfied and successful in school.  Connections require sharing.  This includes sharing time, ideas, and feedback.  Connections also require courage.  It is tough to put your work “out there” for an audience to see.  It is even tougher when you do not get the response you were hoping for.  At that point, the learning begins.  How do I improve? What is the next better version of this work?  What adjustments are now clear to me that were not when I tried this time?  

Fixed programs are not worried about connections because they are designed for “plug and play.”  Growth opportunities are dependent on connections because the interactions and changes that emerge from seeking connections are check points for learning.

There is nothing wrong with more, but do you reflect on what type of more you are seeking for your school experience?

Do you need to do more or connect more?
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