Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Story About Schools That Still Applies

The best selling story of school may be in the process of being mythologized, but there is another story we often tell that involves school that is still very much a reality.

Want better for our children (students).

Sometimes, that is expressed with statements like, "I want my child to have the best opportunities."  However, in today's connected and growth oriented world the "best" get better (see The Golden Apple Manifesto).

Better is not just about comparisons.  It is a frame of mind.  It is a commitment to growth and improvement.

Thinking "better" is better thinking.  It empowers the individual to take ownership of her work.  Striving to make a difference by committing to growth, constructively filtering feedback, and improving oneself is a valuable characteristic today and for the foreseeable future.  As a matter of fact, it may be THE most important quality.  However, in order to foster this type of "better" we must engage in practices that accept growth, change, and empowerment as critical pieces to the lessons learned in school

Story hasn't really changed because it is about change.

Teachers, students, and parents interested in developing "better" thinking can contact me for more information about how my THRIVAPY method of student success and satisfaction might work for them.  I am happy to set up a video conference to talk about the various principles of THRIVAPY.
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