Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Connections, Classrooms, and Technology

Putting a tablet, laptop, or smart phone in the hands of students in a class does not make the class connected.  Sure, in the sense that you have a WiFi signal connected to the devices, sure there is a connection, but not the type of connection that matters, ultimately.

The connection we seek is the type that emerges from our work being shared with others to create knowledge and transform the experience of someone other than ourselves.  The connection we seek produces an emotional response and strengthens our relationships.  This connection can be with the teacher, a class mate, a parent, a child in a school in another country, etc.

These are the connections that will serve our students in their futures.  More than communication skills, connection skills are vital.  Not just in the future, but today.

Having available technological resources enhances connections, supports the production of more enchanting work, leverages communication mediums to widen the range of connections.  The goal of technology integration should be to build connections.

Here is a question about integrating technology in your class.

"Does the use of technology to ____ in class help my students learn how to build connections?"
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