Thursday, January 17, 2013

The "Idea Guy"

I believe I was paid a compliment recently.

A colleague of mine referred to me as an "idea guy."  I wasn't sure exactly what she meant, so I asked.  So she explained about how I was all about change, the change leader, the guy who is always talking about how we can improve what we do, how I am always thinking about what the next best version of the division is like.

Wow.  I wasn't expecting that.

I thanked her and thought about the concept of being the "idea guy" for a little while.

Here's the problem.  Sometimes, people want to be the "idea person" then realize the "idea person" is also the one fighting the status quo (and those who have found a false sense of security in the status quo).

In addition, the value in being the "idea person" is in bringing the ideas out in the open for others to see.  There is uncertainty in being the "idea person."  Maybe the ideas don't generate much support.  Maybe the response isn't what you hoped for.

"Ideas people" are "idea people" because they choose to share.  They are brave because they face uncertainty and still go forward.  They dance where other dare to tread and learn from their experiences.

Unlike the critic masking as an "idea person", the true "idea person" is motivated by growth.  The critic uses the illusion of ideas to promote the status quo.

"Idea people" are valuable because they are in short supply.  However, every school needs one (or more).

Who are your school's "idea people?"

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