Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Golden Apple Manifesto

Rarely do I go more than two or three days without posting some article here, but I have been busy in the last few days finishing a piece I call The Golden Apple Manifesto.

The Golden Apple Manifesto is the result of a blog post I wrote in August 2012 titled, The 10 Standards of Thrivapy.  Since then, my Thrivapy concept has evolved into a method of student/teacher engagement based upon 7 principles:

  1. Foundation Development (mission, vision, beliefs, philosophy)
  2. Setting goals
  3. Taking Action
  4. Developing/Changing Habits
  5. Growth Mindset
  6. Taking Ownership
  7. Building Relationships/Making Connections

While Thrivapy has evolved, the original 10 "standards" are still very much applicable and, I believe, essential to the success of teachers and students.

The Golden Apple Manifesto is not a "How to" guide.  You will not find any exercises, examples, checklists, templates, etc. for how to implement these ideas into your practice.

What you will find are the ten beliefs of the manifesto with supporting points to help clarify the idea and prompt reflection.

For the Kindle version, click here.

A free .pdf version can be found here.


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