Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Art of Education: Honored With Ranking

I received an email today from Sarah Fudin announcing that The Art of Education was included in's initial rankings for Teach100.  You may (or may not) remember that Sarah wrote a guest post here about professional development back in September, 2011.  Since then, we have maintained contact periodically and I was aware of developing a list of educational blogs worth checking out.  Teach100 is the product of that effort.

Here is some information about Teach100 taken from the web site:

Teach100 is a resource to help educators and those in the field of education find the most relevant blogs from across the Web. The list is compiled based on blogs you recommend to us, and is meant to reflect the quality of education blogs that are available.

You let us know about a blog with relevant, insightful content about the field of education. The blog is then added to our database for review. Every 24 hours, we scan the Internet for blogs in our database, and those blogs are assigned a score based on level of engagement from visitors, quality of content, frequency of updates and more. We post the rankings daily so that you can be sure you’re reading the most influential and transformative blogs on the Web.


There are four major components of the Teach100 score, which are aggregated when calculating a blog’s Teach100 ranking. These four components are:
  • Social (40%) – Engagement as determined through its combined Facebook shares, Tweets and StumbleUpon visits to the blog and its most recent posts. Ranking weighs shares pointing back to the blogs 10 most recent posts as well as for its main domain.
  • Activity (20%) – The frequency of a blog’s updates. The more frequently a blog is updated, the higher its activity score
  • Authority (20%) – The overall authority and influence relative to the rest of the web as determined by the number of sites linking to the blog. This methodology is one of the foundations of the Google Search Algorithm and is a commonly used measure of a website’s authority.
  • Teach Score (20%) – This is the single subjective factor in the evaluation of the Teach100. The Teach Score considers how media is used throughout a blog, how topics in education are discussed, the timeliness of blog content, the capacity to inform, and the overall presentation of the blog.

I was honored to find out that my blog, The Art of Education, was ranked #86 today.  I share this with you not for some shameless self-promotion, but to bring attention to this wonderful list of resources in which I happen to have been included.

If you are looking for a very good list of education blogs to explore, I strongly recommend the Teach100 list. 

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