Saturday, January 26, 2013

Make the Connection?

One of the principles of Thrivapy is taking ownership of one's work.  Essentially, operating under the mindset that an individual is the "CEO of Fill in your name, Inc. (or .com, etc.)."  For students, this change in perspective forces them to reexamine their role in school.  Under the new view point, students become producers of educated work (an active role) as opposed to a receiver of an education (a passive role).

This redefining of the student's role has further implications.  As CEO, the student should also understand that the current "business model" is based on making and strengthening connections with your audience.  The student begins with an "empty page" and when finished, has created a new work (of art).  Essentially, the student CEO is also an artist seeking feedback from her audience (teacher, classmates, parents, etc.).

Each response from a teacher, classmate, or parent can be measured against the question, "Did this work (art) make a connection?"  In other words, did the relationship between you, as student CEO, and the other person strengthen, stay the same, or weaken?

If it didn't strengthen, engage in the conversation about how to do better next time.

By the way, the same applies to teachers.  You also put your creations (lessons, tests, projects, etc.) out for your audience.  What feedback are you receiving?  Is your art making a connection?

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