Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Ask

The Ask is the moment when you, as educator, are put on the spot.  When you are called to address the challenge of the moment.  The Ask can come from any number of directions and sometimes, there is no course of study or lesson from experience to provide the "right" answer.

The list of potential Asks is too long to write, but here are a few examples.

  • The shy student who suddenly asks for extra help.
  • The parent of the disorganized student who asks you to initial the homework planner.
  • The interested student asking for ways to deepen their understanding.
  • The uninterested student asking when class ends.
  • Is this on the test?
  • A colleague asking for help managing a difficult class.
  • An administrator asking for your feedback.
  • A worried nation asking you to raise achievement.
How you approach The Ask can often be the difference between good and great, between being a cog in the wheel or being an instructional linchpin, or the difference between being simply accepted and being respected.

You may not have the answers to The Ask immediately available, but having the right attitude and approach to serving your students and honoring your role as an educator will place you in a strong position to deliver on The Ask.  In my Thrivapy work, I suggest adopting a FRITR philosophy towards your relationships.  FRITR stands for Friendly, Responsive, Interactive, Trustworthy, and Reliable.

The Ask is ineveitable (and almost daily).  Are you prepared to answer?
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