Monday, December 3, 2012

Savvy Educational Leaders Use Mission and Vision

In a recent blog post, I wrote, "The culture and environment surrounding education is going through a dynamic adjustment.  Schools face pressures and competition from places that didn't exist 10 years ago.  It is not going to ever go back to what it "used to be" so schools need leaders who understand change."

Educational leaders who understand change also understand how to use vision and mission to support that change.

Vision is forward thinking and active.  It describes the ideal future of the school.  Vision communicates change.  Vision is the target set firmly in the distance that everyone can see and aspire to become.  Vision is knowing and embracing that change is inevitable - and those changes will move the organization closer to its most ideal state of operation.

Mission is not vision.  Mission is the instrument by which you measure the potential change agents.  Many ideas and initiatives may seem "vision appropriate."  However, not all of those ideas may be "mission appropriate."

Savvy leaders know how to use vision to inspire their team and create a shared sense of purpose.  They also know how to use mission to examine ideas to determine which ones are the bet fit for the school.  The better the fit, the more likely the ideas will achieve their intended purpose - which should relate to moving closer to the ideal state of being as shared in the vision.    

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