Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Perpetual Potential

Perpetual potential is a state of:
  • feeling as if anything is possible
  • knowing the next great idea will be found today.
  • anticipating the next best (fill in the blank) will be available tomorrow.
  • believing better is attainable.
  • accepting that one person, with a platform to communicate and the drive to do so, can make a difference.
Teachers and administrators:
Does this sound like the culture in your classroom?  Does this describe the environment at your school?  

Students and parents:
Is this a description of your beliefs about your ability to learn?  How does perpetual potential align with your beliefs about yourself?

Perpetual potential is not easy.  It requires you to:
  • respect the current reality, but have a vision for the future.
  • be brave enough to act and empower others to act.
  • accept a growth mindset (get better) rather than a fixed one (be the best)
  • engage with others and be willing to share what you know to create knowledge.
  • know that seeking support, guidance, and advice is a sign of strength, not weakness.
  • be honest with yourself, accept responsibility, and tirelessly work to be a "better you."
  • become comfortable with the fact that there is NO END GAME to potential (see note about growth mindset).

For more about growth mindsets, having a vision for the future, and taking action, visit "Student Success and Thrivapy ."
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