Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Occupying Higher Ground

Leaders occupy higher ground.

One person helping another climb up a mountainThis can refer to the teacher in her class, the administrator among his division, the principal or headmaster and her school, the superintendent and his district, etc. 

Reflect on where you stand.  Who occupies the ground below you?

Now reflect on what you do.

Do you spend your time actively trying to make sure everyone knows where you stand?  Are you constantly looking for any potential threats to your position?  Are your decisions motivated by a desire to maintain your status by keeping others away from your spot?


Do you use your position to pull others up closer to you?  Are you throwing ropes out and providing stability upon which others can rely?

Occupying higher ground is a great strategic position.  You can survey wider spaces and gain a perspective that those in other places do not have.  If it was worth the effort to get to higher ground, it is usually worth sharing the experience with others.  Having been there first, you also know the best route and the problems to avoid.

Genuine and effective leaders occupy higher ground so they can inspire others to join them and then help others get there.
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