Friday, December 21, 2012

Innovate Or Get Better?

I like new.  I admire innovation.  Striving for innovation as part of your vision is a strong statement for the belief in potential.

However, "new" doesn't last.  There will always be a new "new."  The other problem with innovation is that is it singular.  There can only be one "new" at a time.  So, unless your idea, method, device, etc. is truly "new" then you are not being innovative.  You may be creative.  You might be imitating or borrowing.  But unless you are first with the "new" you are probably not really being innovative.

Using slides to enhance your lecture is not innovative.

Better, on the other hand, is never is short supply.  No matter where you are now, better is always available.  Better is easier to imagine and measure.  Working to get better is not a race.  You don't need to be first to be better.  Better is always welcomed.  Growth mindsets love better.  Better never becomes obsolete.

Using slides could make your lecture better.

Of course, if the innovation is better, then you win on both sides.  Unfortunately, "new" isn't always "better."  Better IS always better.

I like new.  I admire innovation.  When innovation highlights how to get better, I love it.

Schools need to be places of perpetual "better."  

If striving to be innovative is a strategy for getting better, you will likely be more successful than if you are seeking innovation for the sake of being first with the "new." 
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