Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting It Done vs. Getting It

 Getting it done crosses the task off your to-do  list.  It frees you to do the work you find more important; more stimulating.  When you look to get it done, getting done is THE goal.  Other than being finished, there is nothing to share after you get it done

Getting it done is a task - a fixed item in time.

On the other hand, when you get it you become open to the value and pleasure of learning.  You are absorbing new knowledge and sharing your work with the world.  Getting it never ends.  It is a gift to yourself because you are honoring the purpose your muse is calling to to discover.  It is also a gift to others because as you honor your obligation to yourself and take ownership of your work, you become an example to others.

Getting it is an attitude.  It is a commitment to quality that applies regardless of  task.  It is a belief in your potential to do better.  Getting it is growth.

The challenge for some students is they have a tendency to put get it done items in the get it bucket or the get it items in the get it done bucket.  As educators, we are tasked with helping students determine what belongs on a check list and what deserves deeper attention.

If you are trying to be a better student or to help others be better, it is better to get it than to get it done.
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