Monday, November 26, 2012

How Empowered Are Teachers As Front Line Personnel?

In the connected economy, empowering your front line people to deliver an outstanding experience is essential for growth...and survival.  The connected economy thrives on trustworthiness, reliability, interactivity, and friendliness.  These qualities are an essential part of my thrivapy work and are also hallmarks of schools that deliver enchanting experiences for students, parents, and teachers.  So, it is worth reflecting on whether or not your school's expectations and policies are aligned to promote this approach.

Do the policies and expectations restrict a teacher's ability to deliver great service as a front line employee?  What can teachers "give away" to promote a positive experience without eroding your school's mission?

What is more important people or procedure?  Do your school's policies align with your answer?  Do teachers have the freedom to make decisions on the spot that will enhance the relationship between school and home without fear of receiving a "citation" from the "policy police?"

As we learn more about the tremendous difference a teacher's relationship with students and parents has on learning, have we adjusted our policies and expectations to empower teachers to provide a "connected education?"
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