Sunday, November 25, 2012

Are You a Better Teacher...?

Most schools are approaching the mid-year holiday season.  At some point, take a few moments to do some mid-year reflection.

Are you a better teacher today than you were when the year started?

I think this is a fair question.  After all, we hope our students are better today than when they walked in on day one.

Yes, you say you are?  What evidence points to that?  What does someone see (colleague, student, administrator, etc.) that demonstrates professional growth?


No, you don't think so (or are unsure)?  Don't be upset.  Examine your practice.  What is your vision of a successful class (or more productive class)?  What is missing?  Set new goals and begin moving towards them.

If you are struggling to answer and/or unclear about how to establish a self-directed "get better" plan, you may benefit from a little "thrivapy."  In that case, and if you are interested, feel free to contact me.  I may be able to help.
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