Friday, September 21, 2012

Students as CEOs

Here are two ways students can see their role in school.

1.  As the recipient of an education.
2.  As the producer of educated work.

The first ,one may argue, is the most common way of thinking.  Simply put, students show up to class and receive an education through the work of the teacher.

The second view has much more powerful implications.  As producers of educated work, students now take on a different role - one that I like to refer to as being the President and CEO of (fill in the name), inc. (or .com, etc.)

As CEOs of their own learning "company" students view their role in school under the following conditions.

  • Students are no longer the customer.  Now students SERVE customers.
  • The customers are the teachers.
  • For payment, customers will not use cash, check, or charge.  They will use feedback and grades.
  • Teachers place orders with assignments and expectations.
  • As CEO, the student is responsible for filling those orders.
  • The student is also responsible for listening to customer (teacher) feedback about how well the business is serving the customer's needs.
Empowering students is an important factor in their sense of academic independence.  Helping them adopt a more active view of their role in school is a good part of that empowerment.  So, if you hear students referring to themselves as only recipients of education, try talking to them with this point of view ans see if they begin to take a more active role in their learning.

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