Monday, August 20, 2012

You as a prime example

 Sooner or later, someone you know or someone who heard about you will be having a conversation and something being discussed will remind them of you.  At least it will remind them of what they perceive is you. Then you become their prime example of (fill in the blank).

This may make you feel a little  uneasy.  That's natural.  Unfortunately, you don't have much control over whether or not someone else decides to talk about you.

You do, however, have quite a bit of control over how you interact with others and, thus, can influence which blank is filled in above.  Perfection is not the standard, but the negative can be an obvious outlier as an example of you.

Perception is often reality.  There are two basic ways to shape perception.

1.  Personal experience

2.  Base it on what you hear from others

Not everyone who has an opinion of you will have had personal experience.  Many will have only based it on  what their friends experienced.

Your meeting tomorrow is not just with the person on the calendar.  It is with everyone they come into contact with as well.
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