Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The expert on YOU

Ultimately, the one thing you know better than anyone else is you.  After all, nobody has spent more time with you than you.  Nobody has thought about you as much as you.  Nobody has invested as much time in developing you as you.

You are THE expert on you.

However, you are not alone.

Somewhere, there is someone who shares some of the same qualities that make up you.  Someone else enjoys classic country music.  Someone else reads Seth's Blog.  Someone else reads on a Kindle.

The list goes on.

In your class, someone also loves American history, likes reading poetry, loves solving math problems,  and can't wait to test their hypothesis.

The thing to remember is that as the expert on YOU, the goal is not to create junior versions of YOU.  The goal should be to allow the shared elements of YOU and THEM to feed off of one another. 
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