Sunday, August 26, 2012

Responsibilities vs. "Rest-ponsibilities" for teachers

Teachers are faced with a multitude of responsibilities.  Some teachers, unfortunately, focus more on their "rest-ponsibilities."  Here are 5 of each (in no particular order).  When you finish reading them, take the quiz.

5 Responsibilities 

  1. Get to know your students' strengths and challenges
  2. Have a clear goal and plan for the lesson and for guiding your students
  3. Nurture an environment that encourages growth and risk taking
  4. Provide helpful feedback including suggestions for how to improve AND how you will help
  5. Make learning fun

 5 "Rest-ponsibilities"
  1. Concerned about when your "free period" falls in the schedule (if you even have one).
  2. Get to school early do get a parking spot that allows them to leave faster at the end of the day
  3. Use faculty work room (lounge) as a forum to complain about students
  4. Plan annual announcement on Facebook about how much you can't wait until the next holiday or summer vacation
  5. Consider solutions to be someone else's job (usually an administrator)

Now, try this quiz.
  • Which do you spend more time thinking about?
  • For which do you spend more time planning?
  • Which do you look forward to the most?
  • Which is more invigorating?
  • Which is more rewarding?
  • Which do you identify with the most as a teacher?
  • With which would your colleagues identify you?
  • With which would your students identify you?
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