Thursday, July 19, 2012

Preparing students to stand and deliver

  Being able to do a quick online search is helpful.  Knowing where to find the correct information is a useful skill.  Having the ability to collaborate with skilled peers gives you an advantage over those who do not understand group dynamics.


There are times in life, and especially in leadership roles, when you need to be agile.  You need to move quickly.

You need to stand and deliver.

Not just deliver with acceptable results, but deliver with remarkable results.  You need to deliver the goods and deliver them spot on.

This is much easier for those who can draw upon a vast reservoir of knowledge and experiences.  

As such, content matters because through the learning of subject matter content, we absorb information.  Sharing information matters because by engaging in the social process of sharing information, we create knowledge.

Whether knowing the atomic number of Argon (18 by the way) or having gone through the experience of having to learn it is more important will depend mainly on the decisions and experiences of the student after they leave your class.  Either way, at some point that student will have had to stand and deliver on a Chemistry test and, eventually, sand and deliver in their chosen field of work

Preparing students to stand and deliver has value and shouldn't be minimized (or forgotten) in the conversation about personalized learning and technology integration.

P.S.  I am not a chemist, so yes, I did Google search for the Argon information.

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