Thursday, July 26, 2012

Building higher

  I was watching my children build a tower out of Lego blocks recently.  As the tower grew in height, it began to lean and eventually fall.  At first, frustration set in, but then they figured out two ways to keep a higher tower upright.

1.  They could build a wider foundation to support the tower.

2.  They could build the tower around an already standing structure that was tall enough to support the tower from the inside (basically adding a skeleton to the tower that couldn't be seen from the outside).

We expect students to learn more, grow intellectually, and ascend to higher levels of understanding.

Maybe there is something there to learn from the Lego block tower.

  • Are you providing students a wide enough foundation to support that level of achievement?
  • Is there a constant support system working from within to encourage higher levels of understanding?

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