Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aware and available educators

 Recently, we experienced a few unusually strong storms here in Northern Virginia.  During one, the wind was gusting up to hurricane force levels.  Quite a few trees fell and power was out for many people for multiple days.

During the height of one particular storm, my neighbor decided to call her roof and siding expert.  It was about 11:00 pm and she figured she was going to need him to come by the next day after hearing the damage being done outside.  Because of the time, her hope was to leave a message so she could get on his, surely to be long, list of customers.

To her surprise, the owner actually answered the call himself.  He was manning the phones to make sure his customers, who he knew would be needing his help, would know for certain that he had received their call.  He couldn't calm the storm, but her was able to provide some degree of assurance.

My neighbor could now worry less about someone being able to come fix her damage because the expert was aware of the conditions under which his clients were living and available to reassure them.

Certainly, there is a lesson here that educators can appreciate.  Students, from time to time, find themselves in situations that tend to induce extra anxiety (exams, students starting at a new school, large project deadlines looming, etc.).  As an educator, how aware and available are you to "answer the call" and provide some helpful reassurance.  
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