Monday, June 11, 2012

The "secret sauce" of effective educators

The Jumpstart Foundry Secret Sauce  Sure, you can do a research study.  Crunch the numbers.  Interview multiple people.  You can do all of this and you would certainly begin to understand and appreciate what it takes to be an effective and successful educator.

Yes, you can do those.

On the other hand, if you don't have time (or if the idea of doing scientific/investigative research is not your cup of tea), you can pay attention to what you hear each year at the various end of the school year ceremonies.

Chances are you will find a similar answer in the research and in the speeches.

I am not referring to pedagogy, lesson planning, flipped or regular classes, technology integration, etc.

I am referring to the "secret sauce."  The one item that makes all others possible.  The ingredient that we know is present because of what we experience, not because of what we are told.

The secret sauce is often taken  for granted, but we know immediately when it is missing.

For educators, the secret sauce is a mixture of two items.

1.  Caring
2.  Show students (daily) that you care

You can care, but if you don't show it, it doesn't matter.  Only through words AND actions does caring have any effect.

You can go about your work as if you care, but if it is not genuine, it will eventually fall apart and your true self will emerge.
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