Saturday, June 23, 2012

Revolutionary or evolutionary changes in education?

Revolutions are messy, bloody, and usually require a great deal of luck to succeed.  Historically, that luck has come in the form of some outside force (with an agenda similar to the revolutionaries') that is willing to provide significant support to help even the odds.

It has been suggested that education needs a revolution, but I'm not sure that is the answer.

Rather, I believe education needs to be free to simply evolve.  In other words, education would benefit from removing the impediments to its growth and development.  Education also needs to become more comfortable with "natural selection" and allow the beliefs and practices of the past, which are now ineffective and unsustainable, to simply fade away.

Every great educator I know did not wake up one day and suddenly have a dramatic/revolutionary change in her practice/professionalism.  It took time, patience, trial and error, coaching, mentoring, and discovery.  Education, as a field, is largely defined by its membership - the educators who deliver the classroom experience.  If their proficiency is part of their own personal growth, why would we expect the system in which they work to change any differently?

Keep getting better.  Be the tide that lifts all ships.
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