Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pride and pedagogy

There are many reasons for educators to feel a sense of pride in their work.  Some of that pride should be directed towards your own personal work.  Some of it should be directed towards your students' work.

This post is about your students' work.

Pride in your students' work falls into two categories:

  1. work your students did during the year
  2. work  your students are now prepared to do in the future
There is nothing wrong with looking back over the accomplishments your students attained over the past year.  Certainly, seeing the fruits of your labor is an important piece to maintaining your own motivation.  So, take pride in what your students have done and be prepare to do it again next year.

However, it is the pride in knowing what your students can do AFTER spending a year with you that I suggest is even more important.

Artifacts of past success are important and should be recognized.

Developing and encouraging new potential for future success is paramount.
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