Sunday, May 6, 2012

We all need a good commencement speech

 At this time of year, a great many graduates get to hear wonderfully motivating commencement speeches at their graduation ceremonies.  A very good example is this one given by Guy Kawasaki this week.

As commencement speeches, these are supposed to send students off to begin their journeys away from school - to impart some wisdom as students "commence" their non-academic lives.  However, I wonder if all of us couldn't benefit form a good commencement speech at certain intervals?  I wonder if there are times when a good commencement speech would be as valuable (if not more) than at a graduation ceremony.

For example, maybe the better time to hear a well respected and accomplished person talk about looking ahead could be when we START school.  I would have enjoyed and listened more to the commencement address if it had been during my FIRST day of undergraduate school rather than the LAST.  Another potentially good time to hear a commencement address would be the first day on the job.  This could be at your first teaching job or at your new school.

Are there any other times when either you or your students benefit from hearing a commencement address?  Feel free to share below.
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