Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reality check before setting goals

So you have a goal in mind.  You are ready to make a plan and get to work.

Hold on for just one moment.  Are yo experiencing a moment of spontaneous inspiration or a true moment of clarity to be explored further?

Sure, there is nothing wrong with moments of spontaneous inspiration, but before you decide to transform that moment into a larger/long term goal, do a quick reality check.

Do you have time in your day to add the work needed to fulfill that goal?

If you think so, then double the time you THINK you need and recheck.

Still good on time?  Yes?  Move forward and begin working.

No?  You didn't have time originally or with the recheck?  What are you willing to give up in your day to replace with your new goal?

If you can willingly replace an old habit/plan with the new one, then continue and begin working.

If you cannot willingly replace an old habit with the new plan, then the new idea/inspiration is likely to become a source of frustration and doubt.

I have seen many people struggle to meet their goals as a result of not realizing the realities of attaining them.  Students, in particular, have difficulties understanding the sacrifices needed to achieve a goal.  If it matters - truly matters - you should be able to fit it into your day/schedule.  If you are unwilling to make room for a new goal, then maybe it is not worth pursuing at this time.

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