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Guest Contributor Alexia McCormick: 5 Ways Integrating Technology into the Classroom is a Good Idea

The following post was contributed by Alexia McCormick.  Alexia is a writer for Netop.

Students today are well-versed in technology. Many aspects of their lives include technology. Starting at a young age students are playing computer/video games, using iPods, connecting with friends through social media, texting and reading from electronic readers. It does not take a brain surgeon to conclude that
technology is a major part of students’ lives.

Not only is technology a large part of students’ lives, they are good at it. They have a lot of practice, and
they like it. Most technology students use is for entertainment. They see technology as something fun.
This reason alone may get more teachers to incorporate technology into the classroom. It is a way to
engage and interest students. It enhances learning and better prepares students for the technological
world they are living in.

How do I implement technology in my classroom to enrich learning?

Classroom Management Software

Integrating technology into the classroom is not just to enrich the curriculum for the students.
Technology can also play a major role in organizing and preparing the teacher. Software for classroom
management is used by the teacher for lesson planning, recording grades, sending messages to
students, posting grades online for students and parents, seating charts, and attendance taking.

Schools may purchase this software and provide licenses for individual teachers. If you aren’t blessed
with that luxury, you can buy an individual license. This is a great tool to provide good communication
to parents and teachers regarding a student’s performance. Not only are parents and students more
informed, teachers are better prepared. So many of the daily essentials are recorded and taken care of
in one place.


The invention of the tablet was literally genius. The usability is phenomenal. Classrooms as low as Pre-
K are finding benefits through tablets in the classroom. This is a more expensive form of technology, but
perhaps the use of grant money can aide in a classroom set to be shared throughout the school.

Tablets can be used as an e-reader, a research tool, a place to take notes and provides younger students
with educational ‘games’. Students also find that they are more interested in the material when they are
using a tablet.


While tablets contain an e-reader, they can be a little on the pricey side. E-readers are a great tool for
students. Not only can students get all their textbook information and novel prose in one place, it can
eventually save the school money in the long run. Not having to buy textbooks every year or so will save
a lot of sure. Sure you will have to pay to download the textbook, but the price will be much lower.

Using the Internet

The number one reason the Internet is used in the classroom is research. Students are familiar with
the Internet. Most of them enjoy the Internet. Why not use a tool they can easily relate to? Using the
Internet for research can introduce students to a wealth of information. It can also help students to feel
more comfortable with the research process because they are already familiar with the Internet.

The Internet can also be used to create website and blogs. If you incorporate these things, students are
more excited about the assignment. Their world is online. Writing for a self-created blog is much more
enticing than writing an essay on a sheet of lined paper.


Using technology in the classroom is a great benefit for teachers. Online assessments can create reports
for teachers of frequently missed questions or sections of an exam that a lot of students struggled with.
This can help the teacher know curriculum that is not fully understood by the students.

In conjunction with this, teachers can improve their differentiation using online assessments. Different
assessments can be given to different kids. It can be a great way to address students with special needs.

About the guest contributor:

Alexia McCormick is a writer for Netop. When Alexia is not writing, she enjoys sewing & learning about advancements in education.

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