Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Growth Mindset or Procrastination?

People with a growth mindset, in the most general sense, make the decision to place value on the process rather than the outcome.  This is a result of believing that in almost any area of life, they can get better (as opposed to those with fixed mindsets who are driven to "be good").

Procrastinators delay taking action until the last minute; often missing the chance to "get better" or do well enough to "be good."

What is the possible connection?

With both, you may get a sense of "not yet" when you engage with them.  The growth minded person is getting better, but is "not yet" where she set her goal to be.  The procrastinator, when asked if he has begun his work, simply says, "Not yet" (usually accompanied by a number of reasons why).

What is abundant with the growth minded person is lacking severely in the procrastinator - effort.

As a teacher, you may face both with your students.  For the growth minded ones, support their journey and celebrate their hard work.  For the procrastinators, review their goals.  Make sure those goals haven't changed.  If motivation is lacking, remind them of WHY the goal is important.  If the action plan is too complicated, help break it down into specific pieces by asking WHAT.
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