Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck and Education: A St. Patrick's Day Reflection

good luck or bad luck 

The Roman philosopher Seneca is credited with saying, "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Of course today being St. Patrick's Day, most are thinking more Irish thoughts than Roman.  So, maybe a better way for us to bring more luck into the educational process is to travel to the Emerald Isle and kiss the Blarney Stone.

Being of Irish descent, it is hard for me to admit it, but I think I need to side with the Roman on the idea of luck.     In matters of luck, I'll take preparation and opportunity over folklore any day - except maybe St. Patrick's Day.

As educators, preparation is essential.  Not only lesson preparation, but also expanding our body of knowledge.  Continuing to improve our understanding of how to better serve our students' needs is as important as lesson planning.  You will never know when an opportunity will present itself for you to use that additional knowledge.

When and if that happens, who is the lucky one?  You or your students?
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