Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Collaborative Consumption of Ideas

Sharing Ideas  Orion Jones recently wrote a piece for Big Think titled Collaborative Consumption: The Rise of the Sharing Economy that got me thinking about the concept of sharing.  The piece, inspired by an article from the Washington Post, includes this explanation of collaborative consumption:
the new sharing economy modifies the idea of ownership over private property, one of the pillars of the American ideology. The change is part of a gradual cultural shift that takes stock of the economic recession and the rise of social media. In the midst of a lingering economic slump, many are rethinking the imperative to buy a new gizmo when the impulse strikes.
 I have written about sharing before, but this post reminded me that often we think about sharing in terms of tangible items - ties, toys, etc.  The issue with many people is probably that once you give away an item, you no longer have it yourself.  Sure, you may replace it with a different item, but the one you once had is gone.

This is the hard part of sharing things.


When you share an idea, YOU STILL GET TO KEEP THE IDEA.  It doesn't go away.

Wait, it gets better.

Not only do you keep your ideas after sharing, but you get the satisfaction of knowing you may have helped someone who needed your idea to move their own thoughts forward.

If that isn't enough, there's still more that supports sharing ideas.

Sharing ideas invites others to try them out and give your feedback that may actually help you improve upon your original ideas.

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