Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take Five: My 5 Best/Most Popular Posts in One FREE eBook

One of the most enjoyable parts of writing this blog is seeing which posts get either the best responses or most views.  When I began writing The Art of Education, I wasn't sure what response I would get or how many readers would visit.  Today, I am overwhelmed by the tens of thousands of readers who have visited in such a relatively short period.

As a "Thank you" to all who have spent time here, I have created a free eBook (available as a .pdf file), Take Five: the Best and Most Popular of The Art of Education, volume 1.

Take Five, volume 1 is a compilation of my five most popular blog posts as of  the end of January, 2012.  Topics covered in Take Five, volume 1 include: the 3 pillars of a student-centered culture, what school administrators should say daily, the "evolution" of education, identifying who should do the "heavy lifting" in your school, and why some people resist technology integration in schools.

Clicking the links to the file will take you to my shared version via Google Docs.  From there, you can download the original .pdf by clicking FILE/DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL.

Note: Reading .pdf files requires Adobe Reader. If you need to download Adobe Reader, please click here.

If you experience a problem with the download, please email me and I will send you a copy.

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