Tuesday, January 3, 2012

School Leaders as Matchmakers or Match Makers

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You are a school leader.

You have a team of educators with whom you work.

You have problems to solve, ideas to explore, and initiatives to put into action.

If you have invested enough time to know your team members' needs, strengths, and challenges, you have half the information you need.

Now examine the problem, idea, or initiative.  What personality, skill set, interest level, etc. is needed to solve it, try it, start it, lead it, or finish it? (You may even ask a colleague to answer the same question to see if her answer is the same as yours).

Last step: "introduce" your problem, idea, or initiative to the team member(s) whose personality, skills, needs, strengths, etc. are a good match.  You are also expected to provide the necessary resources to encourage success (think of it as paying for the first date).

More than likely, you have created a platform for success, empowered your team, and made progress in realizing your shared vision.

On the other hand...

There is always the other method:  Match maker.

Either don't get to know your team members' needs, strengths, and challenges.

Assign the problem, task, idea, or initiative to anyone who is available and hope for the best.

Get lucky and you may pick the right person responsible enough to get the job done.  Of course you could also choose the wrong person and risk disaster.


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