Sunday, December 18, 2011

You Have Permission

"Permission" by Hugh MacLeod found at Hugh MacLeod's gapingvoid
Have you ever wanted to shake things up in your classroom?  Try a new way to communicate with students?  Introduce or deliver a lesson?  Assess student learning and growth?

Have you tried any of those ideas?


Why not?  And don't say it is because you don't have permission, because you do.

Permission is granted by those who matter most - your students.

Yes, they want you to try new things.  They need you to show them that it is 'ok' to be creative, innovative, willing to risk failure for outcomes worth realizing, like changing the world.

Modelling fear is a sure way to graduate drones.  We have enough drones.  We need more leaders, thinkers, producers, and problem solvers.

Would you be more willing to take a chance if you had a safety net?  Guess what, there are no guarantees.  Your idea may flop.  You may need to try over and over again until you get it just right - then try something else.

On the other hand, you are not alone and being brave is often easier when you are in group.  You're in luck.  There are plenty of such groups.  Its members are every other educator who is also trying to change the world.  It's not hard to find them.  They hang out in Twitter chats, write blogs, attend and present at conferences, publish their own books, etc.

Members of this group are eager to meet others with whom to share their passions, ideas, fears, successes, and failures.  They need you to join them.  Not just to justify their own ideas, but to encourage you to continue to pursue yours.
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