Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What It Feels Like To Be 20 Again

Today, I turn 40.

Despite some ego bruising for never making any "Top 40 Under 40" lists, I think I have navigated these past 40 years fairly well.  I think it is natural to look back and reflect on life when you come up on a cultural milestone like turning 40, but I would rather take this opportunity to express what I feel as I turn "20 again."

I feel...

  • fortunate to have been raised by loving parents and among wonderful siblings.
  • lucky that both of my parents are still around to talk to.
  • blessed to have a beautiful and supportive family of my own.
  • honored to have made so many good friends.
  • excited to enter this phase of life - both personally and professionally.
  • overwhelmed by the positive response to my writing and blogging.
  • energized by the prospect of developing my ideas and seeking opportunities to contribute to the professional learning of other educators.
  • tremendous satisfaction for the efforts of all the students I have taught over the years.
Thank you for your continued support of my work and this blog.  I hope to continue to provide relevant and quality content for years to come.

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