Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Take On Wrapping Up 2011 And Looking Ahead To 20112

Last year, I wrote a number of posts near the end of the year heralding the usual thoughts.  Those included some predicted ins and outs, my favorite posts from 2010, and a list of blogging and social networking goals for 2011.

As for those posts, some ins are more common, some of my favorite posts have been read by more people, and I simply destroyed my blogging and social networking goals.  That leads me to this year and how to wrap up a great 2011 while looking ahead to 2012.

I have decided to change my approach, somewhat, and pass on making any predictions.  Mostly because I have little control over their becoming true , but also because after doing so last year, I had little time or interest in tracking how well my predictions were going.  This year - no predictions.

Also, I am not going to set any blogging or social networking goals.  Last year, I was interested in increasing the numbers of posts and followers.  This year, those numbers are not as important to me as what I AM going to do.

I am making commitments.

Blogging Commitments:  I commit myself to sharing quality content with each post.  Realizing that content may be in the eye of the beholder, I am also committing to more active searches for guest contributors who can enhance the experience of the visitors to The Art of Education.

Social Network Commitments:  I am committed to sharing great content I find from the various feeds, tweets, and emails I receive.  In addition, I am committed to helping like minded educators make the professional connections they need in order to advance their professional learning networks.

I also have a few personal/professional ideas that I will explore in 2011.  Some of these ideas include:


Last, but not least, I ask you to consider joining me to help support a worthy cause - St. Jude's Research Hospital.  Between now and the end of January, 2012, I will donate $1 US for every copy of either of my two eBooks purchased.  You can find additional information about this offer by clicking here or you can simply click on either book cover above to purchase that title.

As of the writing of this post, 5 copies have been purchased.  My goal is 100, but we still have over a month to go.  PLEASE consider this cause and, if comfortable, send this request to your friends.

Thank you very much for a wonderful 2011.  

I hope to hear from you in 2012.
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