Thursday, December 15, 2011

Being an Educator: "Like" It or "Love" It

When you "like" something, you typically enjoy it, but can take or or leave it.  When it is missing, the "liked" item is can often be easily replaced with a new "like."

Loving something is different.

Love is an investment.  You pay a price for it, but the benefits are worth the price - and then some.  We miss what we love.  They are not easily replaced.  When they are gone, there is a void.

I'm glad there is no "love" option on Facebook.  I "like" it just fine.

Now comes the holiday break for schools.  As with summer break, I hear many people express how much they can't wait for the break.  I hope it is because they need a much deserved re-charge, not because they want to get away from the work.

Maybe I am unusual in my thinking, but I love being in school.  Not the same way I love my family, but when I am out for an extended time, I feel it.  Sure, I like to get away and re-charge my batteries as much as the next person, but I never have the desire to express how eager I am for school to close.

I truly miss the opportunity to support the faculty, fellow administrators, students, and families.  I miss engaging with those who inspire, challenge, and stimulate my thinking.

I miss inspiring, challenging, and stimulating them as well.

Breaks are necessary.  They can be a great source of rejuvenation.

I "like" breaks.

I "love" being an educator.
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