Monday, November 7, 2011

Who We Are and What We Do

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We like to think that we define people by who they are, but we often define who they are by what they do. This is even more the case when the "doing" takes place in a public setting.

 If you look at a group of students in class, at assembly, or during lunch, what do you see?

She's a cheerleader.
He's a football player.
She's an actor.
He's a musician.

Unfortunately, some people have equally important qualities that  they work hard to keep private.

She also volunteers at the local food bank on weekends.
He tutors his neighbor's son in math.
She keeps up with her chores around the house.
He is also writing a book in his spare time.

As a school leader or administrator, how do you define your teachers?  What do you see?  Not just during your formal observations, but in all areas?

Are there any qualities that you know of that are less public and would benefit others if others were also aware of them?

Sometimes, your most important work as a school leader is to support teachers who are doing great things become more comfortable sharing those qualities in a more public forum.

As a school leader, that type of support may be the quality least known about you.
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