Monday, November 28, 2011

Professional Learning Opportunity: An Invitation To Explore Your Foundations

My experiences with professional learning opportunities have taught me a few things.
  1. The more personal the experience, the better.
  2. Recyclable experiences (those that can be used multiple times) present deeper opportunities.
  3. Expensive does NOT equal value.
  4. The easier it is to share the "lesson", the better chance of the experience being transformative.
This is why I have really come to appreciate reading short eBooks and reflecting on their content.  Generally, these eBooks can be read in one sitting, prompt you to reflect on the message, and make it simple to return to the source multiple times as needed.  Oh by the way, they are also inexpensive and easy to recommend and share.

As recently announced, my new eBook, Foundations: Examining Vision, Beliefs, Mission, and Philosophy, is now available for Kindle on

Every effective leader makes decisions and takes action based upon a set of foundations. In Foundations: Examining Vision, Beliefs, Mission, and Philosophy, I explore these foundations: vision, beliefs, mission, and philosophy.

Written for school leaders, but applicable to anyone in a leadership position, Foundations encourages readers to reflect on their own foundations and provides easy to follow prompts to help leaders refine and articulate their own set of foundations.

At only $2.99,  Foundations is worthy of consideration for any current or aspiring school leader.  The topics also make for potentially powerful conversations among your teachers.  In addition, with the release of Foundations, the price of my previous eBook, Paying Attention: Thoughts on Communication in Schools has been reduced to $0.99.

You have many choices in how to invest your time and resources for professional learning.  I would be honored to have you consider my eBooks as a part of your professional learning plan.

If you have any feedback on my eBooks or would like to simply discuss the topics covered in the eBooks or  this blog, please contact me at

Thank you for indulging me in some self-promotion.

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