Thursday, November 10, 2011

Looking For Followers? Start With One

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You have an idea for your school and you are trying to build a following for it.

Consider this approach.

Start with employing your idea to make a positive impact on one person.

Even if you believe your idea has potential to make significant changes on the school as a whole, starting with one person helps build momentum, encourages referrals, and gives you field support for your idea.

Similar to building your social network, if you begin with one person and deliver good content, ideas, or support, the followers will appear.

Great ideas that can potentially make large scale changes are sometimes find themselves in perpetual planning due to the overwhelming pressure to live up to its potential right away.  

One person with a great idea needs to organize others to share and support that idea in order to make large scale impacts, but one person with a great idea can make a positive impact on one other person.
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