Thursday, November 24, 2011

Coming Soon! Foundations: Examining Vision, Beliefs, Mission, and Philosophy

In a recent post, School Leadership In Layers: From Buy In To Results,  I introduce vision, beliefs, mission, and philosophy as the four foundations upon which leadership is built.

These four foundations are the subject of my soon to be published ebook, Foundations: Examining Vision, Beliefs, Mission, and Philosophy.

Foundations is a short book (about 40 pages).  It is short for a few reasons.

First, the topics in Foundations can be quite personal and should develop accordingly.  I am not trying to give you answers, only prompt your thinking about your vision, beliefs, mission, and philosophy of education and leadership.  The brevity of the material presented is intended to provide you enough information to entice you to reflect on your own.

Second, I wanted to provide a resource that you can read in one setting and re-read as needed.

Third, feedback from my other writing has shown that many readers appreciate shorter pieces that are to the point and easy to comprehend.

Finally, my goal with Foundations was never to write my magnum opus.  Rather, I wanted to share my thoughts about developing and articulating your school leadership foundations in an easy to read format.

Like rich gourmet chocolate, I hope you find Foundations’ bite-sized portion of knowledge easy to digest and enticing enough for you to revisit often.

I anticipate having Foundations published and available for Kindle by Monday, November 28th.  Once it is available, I will make a formal announcement here.

In addition, to celebrate the publishing of Foundations, my first ebook, Paying Attention: Thoughts On Communication In Schools will go on sale for only .99!
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