Friday, September 9, 2011

Being a Responsive Educator

Being a responsive educator is an important quality.  It is important because, as much as you may want to be "preventative", you cannot account for every possible scenario.  Thus, a responsive educator is in a great position to provide immediate help and guidance.

It is not only a matter of answering questions.
Responsive educators...
  • are vigilant in seeking opportunities to help.
  • expect students to ask good questions.
  • are aware of clues that signal lack of understanding.
  • are outstanding listeners.
  • are flexible.
  • serve as "guides" for "lost" students.
  • embrace change as a means to add to their instructional "tool box."
  • reflect on their daily responses and make adjustments as necessary.
  • think themselves successful when they meet the needs of the student rather than finishing a textbook or covering a certain amount of content.
  • is able to lead students in active learning that involves skill building as well as content mastery.

An additional note:
Being responsive in one of the 5 factors of an Open House Culture (along with friendly, trustworthy/reliable, interactive, and good presentations).

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