Tuesday, August 23, 2011

American Society of Independent School Educators Update and Invitation

A little while back, I wrote about an idea to form the American Society of Independent School Educators. 

The idea is to create a society designed to bring together the collective wisdom of independent school educators (and others who share a set of basic principles  about education) in an effort to improve education for all students.  The resulting effect being the advancement of independent school education through the work of the school’s most valuable assets - the people who deliver the school’s programs and are responsible for the school’s operations.

The ASISE is designed to support independent schools through the networking and development of independent school educators.  To strengthen schools by strengthening educators.

The basic principles from which I have worked on this idea are:

  • A community whose foundation is built upon honesty and trust.
  • It values the diversity that accompanies an inclusive network of professionals.
  • Its members are mission-driven, student-focused, and growth-oriented.
  • Members conduct themselves in a manner that values excellence through effort, building relationships, and making a positive impact on the field of education.

This post is designed to do three things.

  1. Update you on the ASISE
  2. Invite independent school educators, and others who share the principles above, to join
  3. Announce the use of the #asise hashtag for Twitter conversations

In an effort to activate the ASISE to engage independent school educators in collegial conversation, I created the American Society of Independent School Educators LinkedIn group.  The creation of this group will help facilitate discussions centered around the development of independent school educators.  The first discussion topic is active and asks about the differences between public and independent school professional development.

As with any group online, it is only as valuable as it has active members.  If you have a LinkedIn account and are an independent school educator (or supporter of the core principles), I encourage you to join the ASISE discussion group.  If you do not have a LinkedIn account, you may want to consider opening one.  Membership is free.

If you want to be a part of the discussion, but are not sure about opening a LinkedIn account, you can follow ASISE topics and relevant information on Twitter by using and following the #asise hashtag.  I will use that tag to post articles, discussions, questions, etc. that concern the purpose of the ASISE.

My vision for the work done through this society includes:

  • Facilitating mentoring relationships among members
  • Providing a platform for independent school educators to network
  • Coordinating on-site and/or virtual professional development opportunities
  • Encouraging, guiding, and publishing action research performed by ASISE members
  • Having an active presence at relevant educational conferences
  • Hosting our own conferences, “unconferences”, “edcamps”, and meet-ups

The LinkedIn group and the #asise hashtag represent the first part of realizing this vision.

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