Monday, August 15, 2011

12 Questions to Help Guide Your School Communications

When preparing or reflecting on your communications, ask yourself these questions:
  1. Is the message written in a way that invites the recipient to be a partner with you in the educational process?
  2. Is it obvious that your motivation is, above all, to help the student?
  3. Are you focused on the student “in front of you” or something down the road?
  4. Have you reviewed your “non-negotiables?” Have you talked with the people you may need for support (administrators, department chairs, etc.)?
  5. Did you include all necessary parties in the communication?
  6. Have you clarified the reason for the communication up front?
  7. Do you have the answer or do you need time to think on it?
  8. Did you communicate what you CAN and WILL do?
  9. Did you summarize at the end to make sure everyone is on the same page?
  10. Is an email, phone call, or face to face meeting needed?
  11. Is it a difficult conversation? If so, did you start with “I need your help…?” Are you approaching it from a learning perspective?
  12. Are you sending enough positive messages?
These and other topics are covered in my Kindle ebook, Paying Attention: Thoughts on Communication in Schools.

Feedback is great! Especially on any of these items with which you may have experience. In addition, I am happy to discuss these or any of the ideas in Paying Attention with you or your faculty. If you are interested in setting up a conversation, please email me at

Paying Attention: Thoughts on Communication in Schools
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