Sunday, July 17, 2011

Communication ebook for educators

By far, the most popular post I have written is 3 Pillars to Uphold a Student-Centered Culture.  That post was so well received that I made a Prezi for the it.

Now, I am writing a series of short ebooks that address each of these 3 pillars: Communication, Motivation, and a Growth mindset.

The first one concerns communication.

As a result, I am compiling a list of communication strategies and tips from other educators.  These should be as specific or generic as you like, but they must address effective communication in school.  These tips can be for student: teacher communication, teacher: parent communication, administrator: teacher communication, etc.

Here is where I am seeking your input.  This is a link to a Google Doc for you to share your communication tips.  Simply click the link and share.

I also have Google Docs to collect tips about motivation and growth mindsets.  If you wish to contribute tips about those topics, feel free to do so.
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