Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Educational Leadership and Sharing

I began writing this blog in July, 2010. When I decided to take the leap into the blogosphere, it was because I thought I had achieved some level of experience and knowledge that could be useful to others. Being in a formal leadership role, I thought sharing my ideas was both helpful and appropriate. I still believe this to be true. In other words…

I am a leader, therefore I share
Since then, I have engaged in other means to get my ideas out and to learn from other people. Using social networks such as Twitter and Facebook has been invaluable in opening up my professional perspective.  There is such a diverse assortment of educators who are willing to share their own ideas and experiences. As excited as I get when someone comments on my ideas, I am just as excited to read a fresh, interesting, and new take on educational matters.

Many of these new ideas are not necessarily shared by educators in formal leadership roles, yet by proactively advancing the causes of professional development and collaboration, these educators are all, essentially, engaging in educational leadership. They are all leading. This has led me to another realization.

I share, therefore I am a leader
I am not implying that one needs to blog, Tweet, etc. to share. I would suggest that for those who are not involved in these tasks, start by sharing face to face in your school. Have conversations about teaching and learning. Throw your ideas off of a trusted friend. Get feedback from others about how you are doing. These are all examples of what many others are doing via the internet. In time, you may be comfortable in taking the leap into other methods (as I became).

Either way, sharing your skills, talents, and ideas with others places you in a different category than those whose gifts do not venture outside of their classroom walls. If you know someone like that, challenge yourself to help them open up to sharing with others. Maybe they can begin with you as a confidant.

I want to end this post with an inscription I got on an autographed copy of Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko. Mr. Marcinko wrote:

“Troy, Pass all you can along to those who need to listen. Set the example.”

Such fitting words for us who endeavor to lead our schools.

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