Friday, April 1, 2011

Reflecting on good ideas


Many of the most effective leaders I know are good “ideas” people.  By “ideas” I refer to:

  1. the ability to listen to and consider multiple options
  2. present a new option that synthesizes previous ideas
  3. does this in a way that moves the issue at hand further along towards realizing its potential

An interesting piece to the effectiveness of leaders and their ability to generate ideas is that good ideas potentially guide others to generate additional ideas.  In other words, effective leadership that generates good ideas often inspire innovation.  Unfortunately, good ideas represent only half of the equation.  Good ideas also need to be put into action.

Without action, good ideas are only good in theory.  Once applied, good ideas move from theory to practice.  It is only then that the value of good ideas becomes apparent.  It is this value, gleaned from practical application, that reveals any necessary adjustments and, thus, opens the door for additional good ideas.

In schools, I do not see any lack of good ideas in theory.  What is less noticeable, or at least publicized in the mass media, are the good ideas in practice – those ideas that have delivered on their hope, are universally valued, and move the educational field closer to its fulfilled vision.

Maybe, as the video above suggests, these good ideas in theory are in their “slow hunch” phase, waiting to join up with other good ideas to become a synthesized action.  Are we waiting for an effective leader (or leaders) to make this happen?  Are we working in our schools to deliver on the good ideas from within?

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