Monday, April 25, 2011

Loyalty as an aspect of educational leadership

loyalty_rewards_dog If you are a current or aspiring educational leader looking for a great resource for leadership, I strongly suggest visiting and subscribing to Lisa Petrilli’s C-Level Strategies and joining in on the #LeadershipChat sessions via Twitter on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm EST.  While the focus is more business oriented, I have found Lisa’s site and chats to be a source of great information and inspiration for leaders of all sorts.

In a recent article, Lisa writes about being loyal to yourself as a foundation for building loyalty in your organization.  She asserts that loyalty to self includes:

  • Personal Vision – knowing it and living it with conviction
  • Ensuring that our vision is tied to what makes us passionate in life
  • Committing time each day to listening to ourselves – I’ve discovered over the past few months that it’s in the quiet moments I reserve for myself that answers to questions of magnitude finally emerge in my brain…having traveled straight from my heart
  • Taking care of ourselves so we can, in turn, take care of others
  • Making decisions that are true to our values
  • Being honest with ourselves first

Loyalty in schools is an often overlooked value.  Educational leaders focus so much time on managing faculty, staff, parents, students, etc. that it is easy to forget how important it is to remain loyal to the essentials in order to live and lead your school towards a shared vision that is mission based, student centered, and grounded in pedagogically sound beliefs.

Leadership in schools can follow a top-down approach, a bottom-up approach, or a mix of each (according to the situation).  If we want to be the type of school leader who “sets out on an untraveled path and inspires others to join in the cause or simply to follow with unrivaled loyalty” then we may want to begin from within.


Leadership and Loyalty: Why It Must Start Within You

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